1. Medical

    A world leader in Medical Propellants

  2. Refrigeration

    Klea® - a world leader in refrigerants

  3. Automotive

    Major supplier of automotive refrigerants

  1. Air Conditioning

    Refrigerants for manufacturers and the aftermarket

  2. Building & Construction

    Fluorcompounds for cement, ceramic, steel and welding

  3. Aluminium Trifluoride

    Optimising aluminum production

  1. Chemicals

    One of the world's largest HF capacities

  2. Energy Storage

    Improve battery performance, cost and safety

  3. Technical Propellants

    For industrial aerosols and thermal insulation

  1. Steel

    Improving steel production and quality

  2. Stationary Refrigerants

    Klea® - a world leader in refrigerants

Latest News

  1. 10th March 2021

    Fourth student awarded Koura's Alasdair Sinclair scholarship

  2. 8th March 2021

    Koura celebrates International Women's Day

  3. 19th January 2021

    Koura signs long term supplier agreement with Carrier

    Koura is delighted to announce the signing of a new long-term commercial agreement with Carrier, a leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions. As part of the agreement, Koura will join the Carrier Alliance Program and will become a key partner in the supply of refrigerants across Carrier's HVAC and Refrigeration portfolios in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. … Continue reading Koura signs long term supplier agreement with Carrier