We take pride in our duty as an active investor in our local communities, and we run projects in a number of different countries to support people, local economies, and environments. The Kaluz Foundation includes all of Orbia’s businesses with the goals of :

–      Supporting housing projects for families with little or no resource in the rural sector

–      Promote projects aimed at water management and distribution

–      Motivate and promote volunteer projects among its employees

–      Help to rebuild houses and infrastructure affected by natural disasters

In the UK we invest in the next generation of scientists through our STEM – science, technology, engineering and maths – ambassadors, who regularly work with schools to provide support and encouragement as well as role models for young people and children.

In the US we are a member of the East Iberville Inc Industry Neighbour Companies.  Its mission is to develop, coordinate and enhance good neighbour relationships to continuously improve the community.  Community Outreach projects include health screenings, scholarships, positve behaviour and feeding families.