Beware the dangers of black market refrigerants

In a recent featured article in The ACR Journal, Mexichem’s Stuart Corr, techno commercial director, discusses why counterfeit and unregulated refrigerants are such a concern for the industry.

Counterfeits – imitations of branded products from reputable, original manufacturers – exist in both consumer and industry environments, but the negative implications of the latter are much more dangerous.

A good example to start with is that of designer handbags, and how it may be tempting to purchase what appears to be a bargain in an online auction rather than from an authorised retailer.  However, if the product turns out to be counterfeit and of poor quality, the buyer may well be disappointed and have little or no comeback.

When buyers don’t realise the bargain is in fact a counterfeit, they are left to assume that the brand owner has supplied a poor quality product which in turn damages brand value and reputation, both hard-won prizes.

Unlike consumer environments, in the refrigerant sector the damage done by counterfeit products can go far beyond harm to the brand. Opting for an inauthentic refrigerant can have serious negative consequences for the staff, equipment and environment. Despite this, there has been a rise in the volume of counterfeit products on the market.


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