R407A Refrigerant – Klea® 407A

49518 - Web logos Klea-03R407A refrigerant is an energy efficient, low GWP refrigerant designed for use in medium and low temperature supermarket applications. It is suitable for new installations and retrofits on existing R-22, R-507 and R-404A units. Klea® 407A meets the GWP requirements beyond 2030 under the EU F-Gas Regulations for industrial and commercial refrigeration.

Composition (wt%) R-32/R-125/R-134a = 20/40/40

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R407A Refrigerant Physical Properties – Klea® 407A

Property S.I. Units Value British Units Value
Molecular Weight kg/kmol 90.11 lbm/lbmol 90.11
Critical Temperature °C 82.26 °F 180.06
Critical Pressure bara 45.15 psia 654.87
Critical Density kg/m3 498.86 lb/ft3 31.14
Atmospheric Bubble Point °C -45.007 °F -49.0
Atmospheric Dew Point °C -38.593 °F -37.5
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at Atmospheric Pressure kJ/kg 238.36 BTUIT/lb 102.48
Saturated Vapour Density at Atmospheric Pressure* kg/m3 4.8824 lb/ft3 0.30
Liquid Vapour Pressure @25°C bara 12.531 psia 181.7
Coefficient of Volumetric Thermal Expansion for Saturated Liquid at 25°C °C-1 0.0042611 °F-1 0.00237
Speed of Sound* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C m/s 149.33 ft/s 489.93
Adiabatic Exponent* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C   1.34   1.34
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at 25°C kJ/kg 172.17 BTUIT/lb 74.02
Saturated Vapour Density at 25°C* kg/m3 49.749 lb/ft3 3.11
Saturated Vapour Density at 0°C* kg/m3 22.441 lb/ft3 1.40

* Vapour composition as per bulk refrigerant at dew point