R32 Refrigerant – Klea® 32

R32 Refrigerant - Klea® 32R32 refrigerant is of interest as both a blend component for alternatives to R-22 and R-502 such as Klea® 407A and Klea® 410A, and as an attractive low GWP candidate for air conditioning. It can be blended with HFOs to improve performance.

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 R32 Refrigerant Physical Properties – Klea® 32

Property S.I. Units Value British Units Value
Molecular Weight kg/kmol 52.02 lbm/lbmol 52.02
Critical Temperature °C 78.11 °F 172.59
Critical Pressure bara 57.82 psia 838.61
Critical Density kg/m3 424.00 lb/ft3 26.47
Normal Boiling Point °C -51.651 °F -60.972
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at Atmospheric Pressure kJ/kg 381.86 BTUIT/lb 164.17
Saturated Vapour Density at Atmospheric Pressure kg/m3 2.9879 lb/ft3 0.19
Liquid Vapour Pressure @25°C bara 16.896 psia 245.06
Coefficient of Volumetric Thermal Expansion for Saturated Liquid at 25°C °C-1 0.00465 °F-1 0.00258
Speed of Sound* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C m/s 203.72 ft/s 668.37
Adiabatic Exponent* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C   1.68   1.68
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at 25°C kJ/kg 270.910 BTUIT/lb 116.47
Saturated Vapour Density at 25°C kg/m3 47.339 lb/ft3 2.955
Saturated Vapour Density at 0°C kg/m3 22.091 lb/ft3 1.379

* Vapour composition as per bulk refrigerant at dew point