R448A Refrigerant – Klea® 448A

49518 - Web logos Klea-03R448A refrigerant is an excellent low-GWP, highly energy efficient and non-flammable refrigerant for low and medium temperature in commercial refrigeration: supermarket systems, vending machines (plug-ins) and other applications.

Composition (wt%) R-32/R-125/R-134a = 20/40/40

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R448A Refrigerant Physical Properties – Klea® 448A

Property Value
Chemical Notation 26% R-32 / 26% R-125 / 21% R-134a / 7% R-1234ze / 20% R-1234yf
Critical Temperature (°C) 83.7
Critical Pressure (bar) 46.6
Liquid Density (kg/m³) 0°C 1192.5
ANSIASHRAE Standard 36-1992 Safety Group Classification A1
Relative Molar Mass (kg/mol) 189.9
Vapour Density (kg/m³) 25°C 1.553
GWP 1273
ODP Non-ozone depleting
REACH Registered
ATEL/ODL (kg/m³) 0.39
Practical Limit (kg/m³) 0.39
Low Flammability Level Non-flammable

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