R407H Refrigerant – Klea® 407H

With increasing regulation on HFCs, there is greater demand for refrigerants that are safe, energy efficient, allow for easy economical conversion and comply with various global regulations.

In addressing this demand, Mexichem has launched the Klea® 407H. With its ease of retrofit and performance.

Klea® 407H is a cost effective, “drop in” solution for many refrigerant systems.

R404A Refrigerant - Klea® 404A

Our considered solution has been designed specifically for an efficient future.

Physical Properties

Chemical Name Difluoromethane / Pentafluoroethane

/ 1,1,1 Tetrafluoroethane

Chemical Formula CH2F2 / CHF2-CF3 / CF3-CH2F
GWP100 IPCC 4th AR / 5th AR 1495 / 1380
Molecular Weight kg/kmol 79.1
Boiling Point @ 1.013 bar

bubble point / dew point

°C -44.7 / -37.6
Critical Temperature °C 86.5
Critical Pressure bar 48.5
Critical Density kg/m3 464.1
Critical Volume dm3/kg 2.155
Liquid Density3 kg/m3 111.2
Vapour Density3 kg/m3 41.86
Heat of Vaporization3 kJ/kg 199.02
cp liq.3 kJ/(kg K) 1.585
cp vap.3 kJ/(kg K) 1.176
Temp. Glide @ NBP K 7.0
ASHRAE 34 safety class A1
2 All thermo-physical data are based on Refprop 9.0

3sat. @25°C






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