Industrial Aerosol

Koura is a leading supplier to technical propellant markets including industrial Klea Logoaerosols. Klea® propellants are used to deliver products by propelling from pressurised containers or to form foams within polymer or other matrix materials.

HFC propellants continue to play a vital role in a number of product delivery systems ranging from insecticide foggers through to emergency tyre inflators. Many of these important but often overlooked applications utilise Klea®134a for more specialised technical products including those where use of a flammable propellant would have unacceptable risks for the end-user.

R134a Technical Propellant – Klea® 134a physical properties

Property S.I. Units Value British Units Value
Molecular Weight kg/kmol 102.03 lbm/lbmol 102.03
Critical Temperature °C 101.06 °F 213.91
Critical Pressure bara 40.59 psia 588.75
Critical Density kg/m3 511.90 lb/ft3 31.96
Normal Boiling Point °C -26.074 °F -14.933
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at Atmospheric Pressure kJ/kg 216.97 BTUIT/lb 93.28
Saturated Vapour Density at Atmospheric Pressure kg/m3 5.2581 lb/ft3 0.33
Liquid Vapour Pressure @25°C bara 6.6538 psia 96.51
Coefficient of Volumetric Thermal Expansion for Saturated Liquid at 25°C °C-1 0.0032364 °F-1 0.00180
Speed of Sound* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C m/s 144.26 ft/s 473.29
Adiabatic Exponent* for Saturated Vapour at 25°C 1.23 1.23
Latent Heat of Vapourisation at 25°C kJ/kg 177.780 BTUIT/lb 76.43
Saturated Vapour Density at 25°C kg/m3 32.350 lb/ft3 2.020
Saturated Vapour Density at 0°C kg/m3 14.428 lb/ft3 0.901

* Vapour composition as per bulk refrigerant at dew point